2021 Market Study Reveals Surprising Truth About UK Cremations And Funerals

| | Sophia Baxter

We plan our careers. We plan our holidays. We try to prepare for many things throughout our life. But there’s one important matter that most of us fail to get ready for.

It’s something that’s certain to come and cannot be avoided…


A recent study from YouGov found out that only 6% of adults in the UK have set up a prepaid funeral or cremation plan¹.

This creates a problem for their family and loved ones.

Because the time comes and planning is no longer an option, many end up stressed with years of debt because of all the costs on their shoulders.

Bad actors in an unregulated funeral industry have been milking this for decades. Because they know they can charge any rate they want, the prices have risen dramatically over the years.

In fact, the cost of the average funeral in the UK has increased 128% in the last 15 years. In 2021, the total cost of a basic funeral stands at an alarming £4,184 per person⁵, with costs predicted to exceed £7,000 by 2035.

But all these insanely high costs can be avoided.


By preparing for a funeral or cremation ahead of time using a prepaid funeral plan. It’s a lot easier than you think and only takes a couple of minutes to do.

It may not be a motivating task, but it’s worth it. And not taking care of this in advance, may have serious financial consequences and cause unnecessary stress to your loved ones.

Prepaid funeral plans (if shopped properly) are locked at today’s prices, protecting you from inflating costs over time. With payments as small as 55p a day4, it is one of the smartest ways to save money.

With so many coverage options to choose from — how can you know which one is the most convenient?

It’s more important now than ever to lock in a rate that won’t grow over time.

Projections published by the UK government in a Funerals Market Study found that funeral costs increased twice as fast as inflation2. With proper coverage, your relatives will be safe from this burden.

The good news is the internet is helping a lot of people save money by connecting consumers directly with funeral and cremation providers.

This new method offers cost-effective plans that allow you to leave money as a cash gift or to cover funeral costs.

There’s no medical exam required or need to get your health checked to qualify. Coverage is guaranteed for UK residents aged over 50. The best thing is, getting a quote is 100% free with no obligation.

To search for a plan, simply follow these steps to avoid bargain shopping, talking to endless insurance reps that are trying to sweet talk you into the coverage you don’t need, or wasting money.

Here’s How You Do It:

  1. Select your age
  2. On the next page, complete the 60-second questionnaire, and you’ll get your free quote which could possibly save you hundreds or thousands.

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¹Funeral Guide has worked with YouGov to commission a study into funeral planning. Only 6% of adults in the UK have a pre-paid funeral plan ( FuneralGuide, viewed June 24, 2020).

²CMA’s 2019 Funerals market study states the rate increased over 14 years ( Gov.UK pg. 6).

³People surprised at the cost of a funeral and what the average is ( MoneyAdviceService). This average funeral cost doesn’t include optional items ( MoneyAdviceService).

⁴The product stated at 55p per day is based on the Gold plan paid over 20 years.

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